#FreeCadillac: A car rental app that won’t kill you

Posted August 15, 2019 08:50:23A company called Cadillac has released a new app called FreeCad.

It allows car rental companies to provide free cars to car rental customers.

The company claims to have developed the app to help car rental businesses.

“Cadillacs goal is to make the world more livable and more fun for all of us,” said CEO Steve Johnson in a statement.

“We want to make it easy to rent cars with all of the convenience and safety features of a car rental business.”

The company says its app also provides drivers with “free and secure car payment options.”

Cadillac also says it will use its app to provide “more information about available cars and services, including how to purchase a car.”

The app does not offer a vehicle tracking option.

However, the company’s website notes that customers can use their location information and “receive a free ride from any of the vehicles offered by Cadillac in their area.”

Johnson added that FreeCAD is being developed to allow users to “be more creative with their own car purchase, from choosing the best car, to booking their own pickup and delivery, to finding the best financing and leasing opportunities.”

FreeCid is the first car rental company to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

A free car can be purchased in a car pool that can be accessed from the app.

The app can also allow users who do not have a car to pay for a rental car by signing up for a car reservation service.

Users can also make payment on their own via a credit card or debit card.

The FreeCade app does allow users “to pay for cars in a way that allows them to control the car reservation experience,” but the company says it does not have “the ability to sell vehicles.”

According to a blog post from FreeCadoin, “the car rental industry is one of the largest and most profitable businesses in the world.

It is a rapidly growing market, with more than 10 million active car rental users worldwide, including over 50 million customers in the US alone.”

The blog post also notes that “cadillac, like other car rental services, needs to diversify to provide better services to their customers.”

Cadillac is also in the midst of a $1 billion round of funding.

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