How to get a driver license in India

Car rental companies in India are taking a gamble on the use of driver licenses.

A survey conducted by the CarRental India website found that one-third of the respondents had not taken the driver’s license examination and nearly 30% did not have any formal training.

The survey also found that the use and demand for a driver’s licence in India has been rising for over a decade, especially in the rural areas where cars are not yet available.

According to the report, India is among the fastest growing markets for driver licenses in the world.

According the survey, the average time for obtaining a driver licence is 10 years.

However, in a country where almost every Indian citizen has the right to own a car, there is a need to keep up with the latest technological developments in the country.

The demand for driving licenses has been growing and with an ever increasing number of drivers taking up the job, it has become harder for the state to cope.

The car rental industry is looking to fill the gap.

CarRental said it was the fastest-growing industry in the Indian passenger car rental market, with its market value reaching Rs.2,00,000 crore.

India has a relatively small passenger car market with just over 1,000 vehicles registered in the last financial year.

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