How to save on car rentals in Aruba

Car rentals in the island nation of Aruba are very affordable, but it can be difficult to find the right car for you.

So, how can you find a good deal on a rental car?

The cheapest car rental in Aruban is a Mercedes Benz sedan.

You can rent it for a one-year rental at $4,000.

If you want to take a month to enjoy the island, you can rent the car for a $500-per-month rental, or for three months for $2,500.

The best thing to do is to book a rental on a reliable car rental website.

But the car rental websites are not as reliable as the car rentals you will find on car rental sites in other countries.

Here are some of the best car rental companies in Arubiabrazil, where there are over 600 car rental agencies.

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