Luxury car rental prices hit all-time high in Japan

Luxury cars are now in high demand across the country, with car rental websites offering a range of car rentals for a fee.

With prices starting at around $6,000 per month in Japan, you can see just how expensive luxury car rentals are in Japan.

For those looking to rent a new car, there are plenty of cars to choose from, from luxury cars, to supercars, to sports cars, and of course supercars.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular car rental sites in Japan for a better idea of what you can expect to pay.

The car rental industry is booming in Japan (Image: As you can imagine, the more popular sites are a bit more expensive than their European counterparts.

You can book your car rental from one of these Japanese car rental agencies.

However, if you are looking to get a brand new car or a car with more than one year of use, you should take a more budget-friendly route.

There are many cheaper car rental services available online, such as  Luxury Car Rentals,  Car Rentals Express, or

A new car is more expensive in Japan than in the United States.

(Image: However the price is much cheaper than in Europe.

If you are buying a car in Japan then you are getting a car for a much cheaper price than in many other countries.

It is also worth mentioning that you can still get a car rental for free if you pay upfront.

This will vary depending on the type of car you are renting, but you should expect to be paying a bit less than the car rental agency in your region.

And if you don’t want to pay upfront then you can find car rental companies that only accept credit cards for their car rental.

What to expect from car rental website?

If your car is brand new and you are wanting to rent it for the first time then you will need to pay a little extra.

According to Carrentals Express , it takes just 3-5 minutes to book a rental, so it is unlikely you will have to wait too long to book your next car.

Another popular option is CarRental, which offers car rental deals for as little as $7.99 per day.

These companies offer a range to cars from cars from brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz, as well as some of Japan’s most popular brands like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota.

In terms of car rental pricing, it is important to understand the price you pay for the car you want.

Car rental websites like CarRentals and Luxury Car Rental also charge a fee for each rental, but these are generally much lower than the cost of renting a car outright.

Depending on the rental agency, this could mean that you will pay between 5-20% more per day than what you would pay if you rent directly from the rental company.

As a final note, you could also get a discount if you have a good credit score.

How to book car rental online in Japan? 

The key thing to remember is that your booking process is different depending on where you are in the world.

When booking in Japan you can check the car location and whether or not the car has a car park.

Once you have checked the location, you will be able to enter the price of your car and your credit card details.

After entering the credit card and car details, you are then able to select the type and size of car to rent.

Some car rental outlets will offer free car parking or free car parks for a limited time, so you should check this out.

One final note is that some rental websites offer a discount for first time car buyers.

Read more about car rental in Japan: Car rental prices in Japan can go up to over $12,000 (image: https://www,

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