IAH car rental to replace Wahoo

IAH cars are set to be replaced by Wahoo in 2018.

In a move that is likely to put some drivers out of work, IAH said Wednesday that it will begin renting out cars to commuters from New York City, Miami, and Orlando in 2018 and 2019.

Wahoo’s fleet of 10,000 vehicles, the largest in the United States, accounted for about half of all car rental transactions last year, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

The fleet is being replaced by a new fleet of IAH vehicles, including new IAH vans and vans that have been designed to be more fuel efficient and are expected to save more fuel and carbon dioxide than the older models.

IAH is a joint venture between Wahoo and the Federal Communications Commission.

“We are pleased to announce that we will soon be providing car rental services to commuters in New York, Miami and Orlando, as well as to the broader metropolitan area in the 2018–2019 period,” the company said in a statement.

New York, Los Angeles and Orlando are the four largest metro areas in the U.S. IAH’s cars are used for all of the U,S.

airlines, including Delta, United, Southwest, American and Continental.

This news comes as IAH faces increasing competition from rival rental companies like Hertz, Hertz CarRental, and Car2Go.

Hertz, for instance, said last week it would merge with the Chicago-based Hertz Freight.

On Monday, IAG announced that it was closing two stores in Chicago and Chicago, Illinois, because of competition from the rental company.

While the IAHs new fleet is expected to be cheaper and more fuel-efficient than its predecessors, the company has also faced increasing competition in recent years from its competitors.

Last year, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that IAH make major changes to its fleet and its customer service, including hiring more drivers and improving customer service.

It has also seen some of its fleet members close down.

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