Car rental to go on sale in India on August 25

New car rental services to go online in India from August 25.

A startup called has announced it will open its online car rental service on August 17.

Its name is an homage to a car rental company owned by John DeLorean, who won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of relativity. will launch in India next week and will operate for three months at a time.

Car rental companies like CarRentals have grown in popularity since the introduction of the National Car Rental Scheme (NCR) in 2008.

The scheme allows drivers to rent cars, which they can drive themselves, for a fixed price.

But the scheme has proved controversial because of the cost of fuel, the hassle of obtaining a licence, and the long wait times it puts drivers in.

Now, CarRoto is taking the hassle out of car rentals by providing online car rentals for a fraction of the current cost.

Carrentals start from Rs. 1,000 per month, but the company says the monthly payment is cut in half for those who make a deposit.

In addition to the savings, the company offers free roadside assistance, discounts on petrol and diesel, and an automatic booking feature.

Car rentals start from ₹100 per month.

“The cost of petrol and the cost for diesel have been reduced in the last five years, which means that the overall cost is only ₤30,000,” said Rishi Vyas, founder and managing director of CarRotor.

“With CarROTers you can rent a car at any time of the day, from 8 am to 9 pm, and get free roadside help, discounts, and automatic booking.”

The company has been using the existing system to rent a Honda Accord with the same number of seats and a standard driver licence, as well as a Toyota Corolla.

It is also offering free roadside support and free roadside parking for residents of the state of Kerala.

The company says that it will also offer online rental for other cars, such as a Mercedes S550 and a BMW X3.

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