Lyft Car Rental: A $70 Uber, $15 Lyft? – Forbes

Lyft Car rental in Minneapolis, MN is an interesting concept.

The service is offered through UberX, a competitor to the popular UberPool.

The car rental company’s new $70-per-month service allows users to book a ride for $70 per trip.

The company’s app shows you the route and the destination, and the ride includes a tip.

Lyft says it will also pay the rental car company for its use of Lyft.

Lyft will offer an app-based booking service, and UberPool users will also be able to reserve cars.

The ride will be free for all users.

The app is free for existing customers. 

Lyft is the first ride-sharing service to have a car rental fee.

UberPool, which Lyft has been testing in Chicago, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, charges $40 per trip for rides that go over $30, with a $25 “rental” fee.

Lyft has yet to offer a comparable service to UberPool in the United States.

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