The Big Five: The Five Most Expensive Car Rental Companies in the U.S.

A year ago, Car2go became the first car rental company to receive a $500 million bailout.

The ride-hailing company had been valued at about $50 billion before the government loaned it $500 billion.

The car rental industry is struggling.

It is now worth about $3.5 trillion, according to Bloomberg, and it has been for years.

And the average car rental in the United States costs more than $13,000.

But that number is likely to shrink in coming years as consumers spend more money for personal transportation, which is an important trend for many people who do not drive.

Here are the five most expensive car rental companies in the country:1.

CAR2GO Car2Go, the nation’s largest car rental agency, is the most expensive company in the nation with an average price of $12,719, according a Bloomberg analysis of company financial data.

It was the No. 1 company on Bloomberg’s Top 10 Most Expenseful Car Rents list last year, with an annual cost of $1,076 million.

That was the highest-ranking company on the list at the time.2.

T-Mobile UST-Mobile has a $1.4 trillion market cap and employs nearly 13,000 people in nearly 50 countries, according the company’s website.

T+M has been known for providing affordable car rentals for a while.

It offers car rental and leasing at low rates, according its website.

In 2016, the company began selling its own cars, starting with a 2014 model that it had bought from General Motors.

The company now operates in more than 180 countries, including Mexico, South Africa and Australia.3.

Sixt Car2GO, a subsidiary of the Spanish car rental giant, operates more than 2,000 car rental properties in over 100 countries.

Its average car cost is $3,865.

The median car rental is $8,400.4.

Hertz Hertz, the world’s largest hotel rental company, charges $4,988 for a one-bedroom room in its hotels, according an analysis by Bloomberg.

Its cheapest car rental price was $1 in 2017, according.5.

RentZone RentZone is the third most expensive rental company in America, according Bloomberg data.

The firm charges $7,955 per month, but a one bedroom is about $740 per month.6.

Car2Buy Car2Get is the second most expensive in the world, according data from Edmunds.

It charges $6,500 per month for a two-bedroom, with a standard room rate of $2,800.7.

Jamba Juice Jamba is the fourth most expensive, with prices ranging from $4.9 to $11.3 per day.

It operates about 200 car rentals a day in 30 countries, but the average price for a car rental was $818 in 2017.8.

UberX UberX operates about 70 car rental operations in over 120 countries, with average monthly car rentals in the $2.4 to $6.4 million range, according Toes.9.

Travelocity Travelocity is the sixth most expensive hotel rental agency in America with a monthly average car rent of $8.75, according Edmunds data.10.

Vodafone Vodacom, the largest telecom company in Europe, is ranked seventh in the USA, with monthly car rental prices of $739, according Data Nation.

It rents cars from its network in more countries than any other company in North America, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France.

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