How much is a car rental in Iowa?

A rental car in Iowa is $2,500 to $3,000 a day.

That includes gas and a rental car loan, according to a car hire website.

Iowa drivers can also apply for a car loan for as little as $500.

Car rental sites are a popular option for people who need to move quickly to get work done or who don’t want to drive to a remote location.

It’s also possible to rent a car for as much as $1,000 per day.

In recent years, the number of car rental sites in Iowa has exploded, and more are opening.

A lot of them are still in business, but others are struggling.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says it has about 4,000 rental car locations.

The state does not have a state-wide list of all car rental companies.

A car rental site on the outskirts of Des Moines.

It is not uncommon for a rental company to be shut down, and the car is often returned to its previous owner, says Lisa Fagan, spokeswoman for the state Department of Licensing and Regulation.

If that happens, Fagan says, the driver can file a complaint with the Iowa Department on Car Rental Enforcement.

She says many rental companies are not inspected by the department, which means they could be breaking the law.

She says the department does not inspect all rental car companies and does not regulate them.

One car rental company that has a history of problems is Bozeman Car Renter.

The company had been operating for 15 years, and in 2012, it had more than 700 car rental locations, according an Iowa Department spokesperson.

Bozeman has had multiple problems.

In 2013, the company was hit with a $5.5 million lawsuit from the state, claiming it owed more than $30 million in back rent.

In 2015, the state ordered Bozemen to pay $1.9 million in damages and $1 million in interest.

In 2015, a fire damaged Bozmen car rental.

In 2017, it was hit by a truck.

Fagan says the company has been cooperating with the investigation and has hired an outside investigator to review all the company’s past records.

Bozeeman said in a statement that it has taken steps to address its issues and is in the process of making improvements.

It also says that it will continue to improve safety.

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