TripAdvisor car rental and travelocity car rentals

Travelocity car and vacation rental company Kayak Car Rentals is now offering car rental options for Asheville, the state capital.

Kayak has partnered with TripAdverse to offer car rentals for Asheville.

The company said it will offer car rental for all locations in the city except the Hilton Asheville.

TripAdvisers has been offering car rentals since June, and the service is available in Asheville and surrounding counties.

Travelocity offers car rentals on vacation and for personal use.

TripAdvisor said in a statement that it is working with TripDirect and TripAdvantage to bring car rentals to Asheville.

“We’re thrilled to offer our members Asheville a great selection of car rental services including car rentals through Kayak and TripDirect,” TripAdvisors chief executive officer Joe Mancini said.

“The selection of options for this city is unmatched, and our car rental partners will continue to provide the best car rental service in Asheville.”

The Asheville City Council is scheduled to discuss the proposed tax increase Wednesday.

The council is scheduled for a special meeting at 1 p.m.

The city also will hold a public hearing on the tax proposal at 7 p.M. on Thursday.

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