What to do when your car is taken for a car rental and the rental company says it’s gone bankrupt

A car rental company in Montana has filed for bankruptcy and a group of owners have filed a class action lawsuit against the company claiming that the company has repeatedly failed to pay rent on its vehicles and failed to provide adequate maintenance.

The owner of the car rental site in Missoula that’s been sued, the BNA Car Rentals, filed the complaint in Missouria County Circuit Court on Wednesday alleging that the leasing company failed to keep its vehicles clean, and also failed to properly maintain and service the vehicles.BNA Car Rental was founded in 2011 by a group that includes two former employees of the company, including the owner.

It operates the site in Montana and Idaho.

Brent Cogswell, a spokesman for the company said in a statement that the group has been served with the lawsuit and has not been served.

The company said it plans to file for bankruptcy protection, which would remove its assets and liabilities from bankruptcy court.

“We believe this lawsuit is without merit and will fight it to the full extent of the law,” Cogwell said.

“BNA has been in business for a very long time and has had no legal problems in any of its business activities.”

According to the complaint, the owners say they were told they were to receive a refund if their vehicles were rented to someone else and that the refund was never received.

The lawsuit says that in the past four years, BNA has not paid rent on any of the vehicles it rented from the company.

The complaint also says that the owner has filed several other complaints with the Montana Bureau of Land Management alleging that BNA is failing to maintain the vehicles properly, and that BNEM has been unable to address complaints.

The BNA complaint alleges that BNP has been slow to provide BNA with a license plate number to help track the vehicle, and has also refused to provide the owner with the name and address of a certified mechanic.BNEM did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The owners of the cars say the vehicles have not been used for more than a year, and the company says that it has not even been able to verify whether the owners have maintained their vehicles.

The car rental service is operated by a third party, called the National Parking Association of Montana, which does not disclose the name of the third party that manages the vehicles, according to the lawsuit.

The Montana Bureau the BNP did not respond to requests for comment on the lawsuit or the lawsuit’s allegations.

The Missoulan-based BNA car rental is one of several popular car rental sites that are under investigation in the state for allegedly failing to pay the rent for rental vehicles.

Last month, the Montana Department of Revenue charged BNA a $2,000 fine for failing to provide an updated vehicle registration information, and BNA had to pay another $2.2 million to address the problems.

Bryan Stumpf, an attorney with the Nevada-based firm of Grazia P.R.C., said in an email that he expects that BNRA will prevail in the class action.

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