What you need to know about a new car rental company in Kona

Kona residents are scrambling to get used cars back to their vehicles, and with the state of the state, that can take months.

“It’s really a bit of a crapshoot,” said Kona resident, Lisa Gentry.

“If you can get it to the dealership, it’s usually a lot easier to get it out than if you have to drive it to another location.”

Gentry and her husband own a home in Kailua and have been trying to get their cars repaired and returned for a few years now.

But they can’t find a company that can help them.

The dealership has only recently started offering car rentals, but Gentry says it is still hard to find new cars for sale.

“They don’t sell new cars to us anymore, so they just don’t get the vehicles,” she said.

In order to get the cars back, Gentry and the couple have had to find a new buyer.

“I was hoping for a dealership that would get a couple of new vehicles out of the garage for me and my husband to go out and drive.

But we don’t have that money in the bank,” she explained.

The Gentry’s car was stolen last month, and their vehicle is not in the best condition.

“We have a few things that need to be replaced, and we’re hoping that we can get that done before we go on our honeymoon,” said Gentry, who added that she’s hoping to buy another vehicle soon.

Kona police are asking anyone with information on the thefts or anyone with knowledge about the new car rentals to contact them.

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