How to buy a sports car from Japan

If you’ve ever taken a ride in a sports-car like a Lamborghini, you know how much fun it can be to be in the driver’s seat.

But how much do you know about cars from the country of Japan?

It’s not always easy to figure out where a car is from and what they’re for, but we’ve compiled a list of things to know.

We also have a handy guide to car rentals in Japan that will help you find the perfect place to rent your next sports car.


What are sports cars?

In Japan, sports cars are typically small, four-door cars.

But they can be even smaller, up to about 6 feet (1.8 meters) long, and as tall as 8 feet (2.1 meters) if the driver is taller.

Most of them are imported cars, like the Toyota Supra, Ferrari F430 and Audi A3.

A few, like Toyota’s Tundra and Mercedes-Benz SLK, are Japanese.

In addition to sporty performance, sports car ownership in Japan is extremely affordable.


What kind of sports car is right for you?

Japanese cars tend to be more expensive than their American counterparts, but if you can afford to buy one, you’ll probably love them.

The best sports car for a beginner might be the Toyota GT86, a four-wheel-drive sports car that has an all-wheel drive system.

But it costs about $3,400 (about $1,500 US) for the base model.

If you’re looking for a bit more power and fun, consider the Nissan GT-R, a three-wheel supercar that is slightly faster, more fuel-efficient and cheaper.


Which car rental companies are available?

You’ll probably find a lot of sports- car rental options from car rental agencies, but there are also some good options from individual car rental houses.

Some of them even have a dedicated line for sports cars.

Check out our list of best sports-vehicle rental companies for more tips on where to rent a sports vehicle.


Which cars are available for sports-related purposes?

Sports cars are great for family fun, too.

There are plenty of cars that you can rent for special events like weddings, birthday parties, and other family gatherings.

A sports car might even make a nice companion for your children or grandkids.

And if you’re just cruising around town, a sportscar can make a fun car for the weekend.


How much does it cost to rent?

The average price of a sports rental car is about $20,000 (about £13,500), according to research firm

This includes the registration fee and the cost of a new car, if you have one.

It doesn’t include the cost for a second car, so the total cost might be higher for some.

But you can expect to save some money on a sports auto rental if you take advantage of a few tips.

First, rent your sports car in a car-rental company’s parking lot.

The company usually has a car rental center nearby.

It’s also important to pay attention to the type of car you’re renting, as some sports cars have larger wheels than others.

You might want to look at the manufacturer’s specs to determine the right model.

For example, if your car’s name is a four or five-door, you might want it to be a sports sedan, but a four cylinder sports car like the Mercedes-AMG GT3 or Porsche Boxster S might not be the best choice.


How do I rent a sport car?

You can rent a car from one of these sports car rental firms, but you might have to pay extra.

A common practice in Japan for sports car rentals is to rent the car online. recommends that you rent the vehicle at a rental agency rather than at the dealership.

But if you want to rent at the dealers, you can do that, too, by visiting their website.

A car rental agency might be able to give you the information you need, such as the price, the type and make of the car, and the location.

But most of the time, you won’t need to worry about finding the right car.

You’ll likely find the rental agency will give you an estimate for the price and will let you know if the rental company has a discount program.


What happens when I rent my car?

The first thing you need to do is decide if you’d like to rent it.

Some sports-utility vehicles, like sports cars, have special features like a remote start feature.

You can also rent the sports car through a car dealer, but the cost will be much higher than renting from a sports service.


Is it safe to rent sports cars in Japan?


A Japanese court recently ruled that

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