What you need to know about the U.S. economy: The latest economic numbers

The U.K. and the Netherlands were the only major European economies to report their second-quarter gross domestic product figures for the first quarter of 2019, according to the Commerce Department’s monthly Business News Service report.

The United States had a similar third quarter.

The U and EU were the first two major economies to release their GDPs on the first day of the third quarter, which was on Feb. 14.

The U.C.N. has been publishing GDP figures every quarter for the last seven years, except for one quarter.

On the third day of March, the U .

S. and EU reported the third and fourth quarters, respectively.

The last quarter was the second quarter of 2021, which means the last quarter to report GDPs was March 2021.

The U .

K. was the only European economy to report a second-half GDP.

The Netherlands and Germany reported their first and second quarters.

U.S.-based business surveys and government data suggest that the economy will continue to grow at a strong pace through the rest of 2019 and 2020, according for a Reuters poll of economists conducted March 16-20.

The European economy grew 1.5 percent in the third, 2.3 percent in fourth, 2 percent in fifth and 3.5% in sixth quarter, according the Reuters poll.

The euro rose 0.4 percent, and the dollar rose 0,1 percent.

The unemployment rate remained at a six-year low at 4.5%, according to Reuters.

In the U.-S.

trade deficit widened to $30.3 billion in the fourth quarter, a year earlier than the previous quarter.

In the fourth, the deficit widened even further to $34.5 billion.

The trade deficit in goods fell by $12.9 billion, or 12.1 percent, to $67.3 million.

The trade deficit increased by $10.2 billion, to more than $100 billion, due to the weaker dollar.

The total trade deficit, excluding goods, rose $25.6 billion in Q3, to nearly $110 billion, the Commerce Dept. said.

The unemployment rate stood at 4 percent in Q4, down from 4.4% in Q2.

The number of Americans working part-time fell to its lowest level in eight years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

Overall, the labor market continued to improve in the second half of 2019.

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