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The New York Times of May 20 reported that luxury car rental company LuxuryCarRental, owned by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, had closed its Mumbai branch after its management had faced criticism over the quality of its car rental service. 

LuxuryCar was one of the first luxury car rentals to be banned by the National Capital Region Transport Authority in the aftermath of the 2004 riots that resulted in the deaths of over 2,000 people.

The ban was later lifted by the Delhi government, but the city has yet to be able to reestablish a taxi and limousine fleet.

Luxury car rental was banned in the New Delhi district of Jodhpur, which has a population of just over a million people.

Luxure car rental services were banned in Mumbai and Delhi, and both the citys government and police agencies have announced their intention to reinstate them.

The NYT also reported that the New York-based company had faced legal action from the city’s government in 2013. 

The NYT reported that Luxury CarRental had received criticism for offering luxury cars in Mumbai but the company denied the charges. 

“The charges of providing a car that is not available for hire are a common accusation.

It is a common allegation made by certain sections of the public who are not interested in seeing the quality or quality of a car,” the company said in a statement.

“In addition, Luxury is not a taxi or limousiner but an independent vehicle rental company with no affiliation with any public entity.” 

“Our team is committed to maintaining an environment in which our customers feel comfortable with their vehicles and our employees feel valued and respected,” the statement continued. 

Despite the allegations, the NYT also said that Luxure had a strong reputation for providing quality service.

“Luxuries are seen as the future of the industry and as a source of pride for its owners, but there are also some issues with Luxury that we believe can be improved,” the NYT said.

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