What to do if you’ve got a rental car problem

Cars rental company National Car Rental has been fined £500 for having a rental agreement for a car that wasn’t insured.

The company, which is based in Oxford, Oxfordshire, had a rental contract with a firm called Car Hanger and had two drivers on a single car for the duration of a year.

However, the two drivers had no insurance on their vehicles, meaning that when the rental contract expired, the company was unable to pay the rental costs.

National Car Renter, which has been in operation since 2010, was fined by the Consumer Credit and Consumer Protection (CCP) Commission in September 2016.

It was fined £50,000 by the watchdog for not having an insurance policy.

“As a result, the Company was unable, or did not intend to, provide the requisite level of insurance coverage to its employees, who were the principal risk of loss to its business,” the CCC said.

This is the second time National Car Rentals has been caught out for renting cars without insurance.

In May 2016, the operator was fined $500 for failing to provide the required level of coverage.

And in June 2016, it was fined over $500,000 for failing a third time for failing customers to obtain the required insurance on the rental car they were leasing.

But this latest incident is not the first time that the company has had a bad day on the road.

On December 10, 2017, National Car rented a car for a friend who was driving for a company in the United Kingdom.

As the car was leaving a parking lot at a London street, it became locked in a collision with another vehicle.

When the vehicle was brought to a stop, the vehicle’s driver, a 26-year-old man from Birmingham, was badly injured.

He died in hospital the next day.

His family were unable to secure the driver’s insurance.

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