How Lyft car rental service is disrupting the way you travel

Lyft car rentals are no longer just for those with cars.

Now, they’re available to anyone with a smartphone.

In fact, they can even be rented from your car, for a mere $7.49 a day.

But why is Lyft making this possible?

The answer is pretty simple: They believe there is a huge market for driverless vehicles.

The idea is that drivers can be used for tasks that are difficult for humans to perform, like making deliveries, cleaning up after passengers, and generally keeping people safe.

The problem with human drivers, however, is that they are vulnerable to theft.

For that reason, Lyft has developed an app that gives drivers access to a car that is equipped with sensors and cameras that are meant to prevent that from happening.

Lyft is partnering with local taxi companies to get the cars off the road, and it’s looking to raise another $200 million to help get it rolling.

It’s a big deal, as car rental companies are typically a lot more expensive than they used to be.

But with Lyft, the company is hoping to take on Uber and other ride-sharing services.

It is also working to put autonomous vehicles on the road in the coming years.

That’s what this story is all about, and we want to get to the bottom of how this new industry is changing transportation and how it impacts people.

Lyft’s drivers, like the rest of the public, are being told to expect a ride that is a bit like the one Lyft makes available to passengers.

Here’s what you need to know about the company.

How Lyft is changing the way people travel: A few years ago, Lyft had just about everything going for it.

The company was just getting off the ground.

Lyft was a start-up, with no sales team.

Its service was a bit niche, but it was the only one with a “carpool” feature that allowed passengers to pay a small fee for their share of the rides, which were then split equally between two people.

When Lyft rolled out its carpool feature in 2013, it did so by selling drivers a service called UberPool.

UberPool was one of the first apps to be available in the US.

It was available only to drivers who had at least two cars, which meant that there were a few million drivers who would have a hard time deciding between Lyft and UberPool at the time.

But Lyft had a lot of other advantages over UberPool: Lyft’s service was cheaper, and drivers were able to get rid of the extra expense by choosing UberPool instead.

As of 2017, Lyft was the fastest-growing car-rental company in the world, and in a few years it was also one of its biggest drivers.

It had a growing business of making carpools and even offering drivers rides for free.

Now that the app was available to everyone, the demand for carpool rides had outstripped the supply of drivers.

But by partnering with taxi companies, Lyft could still offer free rides to people who had two cars.

The goal is to help the company expand the number of cars available for use by the public.

Lyft also made an effort to find a way to make its drivers and passengers comfortable.

The app’s main menu screen has a “make a reservation” button, which you can tap to make a reservation.

In the past, the default setting was to only accept reservations from people who were willing to drive for Lyft, and that had limited the number that were accepted by the app.

Now the company has redesigned its app so that you can make a reservations reservation as well.

You can choose whether you want to accept reservations on your own or from an UberPool driver.

You also can choose a different UberPool provider, like Lyft’s own competitor UberPool, or make a trip to a location that has a carpool option.

And you can choose when you want your trip to be free or if it will cost you money.

You will be prompted to make your reservation in the morning, when the app is loading, and then when you check-in at your designated pickup location.

In addition, Lyft now lets you make multiple reservations for a single ride, so you can have a car pick up and drop off passengers at different locations.

The changes were all designed to increase the safety of drivers, and they made Lyft the only car-riding service with an app with this feature.

And they are all meant to be used by the average person who needs a car for everyday trips.

Lyft says that its cars are equipped with cameras and sensors that are designed to detect and block stolen cars.

And when a car is stolen, Lyft will notify the driver and give the vehicle the option to return to the Lyft office for a replacement.

But the biggest change is that Lyft has been making a big push to find more people to rent cars.

It says that it’s already had 1.5 million drivers sign up for Lyft in just the past few months.

The other way to get a

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