How to rent a car: What you need to know

CARLA CARLINGTON, Florida (AP) Carla Carrington, the Florida home-schooling mom who is one of the most vocal advocates for carpooling and carpool lanes, is leaving her post at her alma mater.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Carrington’s departure from Tampa’s prestigious University of Central Florida follows a tumultuous four years at the school.

The paper reported that Carrington announced in April that she was leaving to pursue a doctorate in sociology.

She was not immediately available for comment.

She has been a vocal advocate for car sharing programs, such as Uber, and for car-sharing lanes, such the ones in Florida and California.

Carrington has been an outspoken critic of Florida’s state-mandated carpool rules and the state’s failure to pass a statewide bill to make carpools safe for all drivers.

Her group, Carpoolers for Responsible Growth, lobbied to get the state to include a ban on the practice.

The Associated Press is not naming Carrington because she was not named a speaker at the April 25 meeting where the university adopted the new rules.

The group also has no affiliation with the university.

University President Mark Johnson said Tuesday that Carntons departure is “a sad day for the University of Southern Florida.”

Carrington is one the most visible members of the car-share movement, and she’s often featured on talk shows.

In May, she appeared on The View with her carpoolers and said: “We’re going to make it safe for everyone.”

The university’s policy on carpool-lane lanes has been criticized as overly strict.

But the policy has been in place since 2005.

A 2015 study found that the policy was linked to the increase in car crashes and fatalities.

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