The ‘hijacking’ of the Jewish Community Centre in Pittsburgh

The Jewish Community Center in Pittsburgh, a Jewish institution with about 2,500 members, was shut down for three days by the city on Sunday after the owner of the business called the city a “bitch” for not opening the doors for a Jewish day school.

The owner of a Pittsburgh-based day school, Nathan Rosenfeld, has been called a racist, a traitor and a “fucking asshole” by dozens of people over the past week.

Rosenfeld says he wants to reopen the center in the future.

On Sunday, the city closed the doors of the synagogue for the first time since January and shut down the rest of the facility.

The synagogue, located at 1330 W. Franklin St., is one of the few Jewish institutions that is open to the public.

Rosenfeld says the Jewish community center in Pittsburgh is the only one in the city with a day school open for students.

The center’s Jewish board, led by Rabbi Abraham Cooper, has urged the city to allow the day school to reopen as a way to keep the center open for the students and keep Jewish life in the community alive.

But the city’s response was met with anger from many of the community members who have complained about the lack of outreach and support from the city and the community.

“I’m glad that we’re finally opening our doors,” said Rabbi Cooper, who is also president of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Pittsburgh.

“But we’re still in the dark.

It’s still the Jewish day camp.

It just seems like it’s been closed for three years.”

Rabbi Cooper, of the Council of Jewish Organizations of Greater Greater Pittsburgh, said that after the synagogue’s closure, he decided to open the day camp for Jewish students.

But on Monday, he said he found out the center was not open for Jewish day schools and decided to close it.

He said he plans to reopen it in the near future.

The Jewish Community Council of Pittsburgh president, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, said he called the day-school’s owner on Sunday and asked him to open it to Jewish students, saying the city is a “slaughterhouse” for the community and that the day schools are a “big part of our lives.”

Boteach also asked the city for a meeting to discuss whether the city should open the school, which was shuttered in January for lack of funding.

Boteah said that he had no reason to think that Rosenfeld’s “fucker” behavior was a racist act, but he said the city was still being “bought.”

“I just want to reopen,” he said.

“We’ve been closed down so long.

And it’s not right.

We’ve had so many complaints about the day programs, about how they’re just closed.

I feel bad for them.

We’re trying to reopen.”

At a press conference Monday, Rosenfeld called the community center closure a “total disgrace.”

“It’s not just a day-care, it’s a day camp, it can’t open for any other reason than that they were shut down, that they weren’t paid, that the building was in disrepair,” he told reporters.

“The community center has never been open for anything else.

It is not a day care.

It has a day centre.

The day centre is open, but not for Jewish Day Schools.”

He said he has asked the Jewish Board of Pennsylvania for a “compromise” on a plan for a future day school and said he is open for business.

Rosenfield, a father of four, said the center’s closure was a major blow to his family and community.

He said that, since his business started in 2007, he has tried to open day schools for the children of the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

But he said that there was no support for him.

Rovinefeld said he believes that the city of Pittsburgh was “sold” on Rosenfeld as the Jewish Day School was the only day school in the area.

He said, however, that he is a proud Pittsburgh resident and that he has been in the Jewish faith since he was 6 years old.

“I am Jewish, but I have a family,” he wrote in an email.

“I grew up in Pittsburgh.

I was raised Jewish, and I still am Jewish.

I never thought that I would lose my Jewish identity.

I am very proud of my Jewish heritage.”

He added that he was not the first person to call for the closure of the day center, but that he thinks it is “ridiculous” to call him a racist and a traitor.

“My name is not Nathan Rosenfield,” he explained.

“My name’s Shmuly Boteace.

And I’m the CEO of the organization that runs the day centre.”

Rosenfld said that although he has not been contacted by

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