A kayak rental company wants to build a giant robot car that’s going to do things like carry a full-size bed and ride people in it.

Recode has learned that Kayak Car Rentals is considering building a giant robotic car that will be able to lift people into the air and carry a passenger into the car’s bed.

The company would need to build two robots and a trailer and have at least 500 people work on the project.

Kayak Car Rental would be using the robotic car to lift a person from a trailer.

The first robot would be a trailer that has a human operator controlling the vehicle.

Then, Kayak Cars would use the second robot to carry people from a bed to the car, which is the most common type of car in Alaska.

In order to make a robotic vehicle that could be built, the company would have to hire a team of 50 people to do all the work.

The team would be paid between $500,000 and $1 million per robot, according to Recode.

The cost of building a robot to lift and carry people would also need to be in the $2 million to $2.5 million range, according Recode’s source.

The company says it could build a robot with a range of about 30 feet, which would cost between $2,500 and $3,500 per person.

The car would also have to be able make it across a river, which can be done by a boat.

Kayaks are one of the few types of vehicles that people can rent.

Many companies like to rent kayaks to people who are on vacation, to have them go out for drinks, or to have guests take them out on trips.

The companies offer a variety of rental vehicles, ranging from kayaks that have a full bed to kayaks for couples.

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